Moving from old site to new site and creating redirects

(Nic Hubbard) #1

Matrix Version:

We are moving to a brand new website and Site asset. Portions of our old site have still not been brought over to the new design, and won’t be at launch. These are on an old Site asset.

Since we are moving the new Site asset to the the URL, the old Site asset will have to be given a different, old URL. Some of the pages that we still need accessed on the old site, but we don’t want broken links.

Is there a script or another way to create remaps for all the URLs that will no loner work?

(Nic Hubbard) #2

An additional question for this. If we use the replace_url.php script, will that automatically add remaps?

(Bart Banda) #3

The replace_url.php does not add automatic remaps.

Could you use the remap manager and remap rules to set up some automatic redirection rules to handle the old URLs?

(Nic Hubbard) #4

I talked with Squiz Support and I think we are going to go with Apache Redirects. This will give us a bit more control.