OAuth Account Manager - userID

(David Beal) #1

Am trying to setup SSO for our clients. We are using Auth0 as the SSO solution and will have users going to a number of third party assets once user has been authenticated.

We want to be able to have users see a user only page in Squiz.

I have been successful in setting up an OAuth Token page which works.

I have setup a REST Resource and linked to the OAuth asset created above.

I have a page which has a container using the REST Resource. All works well and the login screen comes up and redirects the user to the Squiz landing page after authentication and I can print out the _REST.results.varName.attribute using the Javscript processing.

I am now wanting to put a range of data into a global var for accessing in other pages. For the life of e I cannot find a manual that shows how to SET a global var ?

What is the best way to store a JSON response in an asset for accessing in other pages ??

(Bart Banda) #2

Your best option is probably to either to use the Call REST Resource Trigger ACtion instead to make the REST calls, as it allows you to set a Session variable as part of the action:

You can then access this value using %globals_session_%.

There is also a Set Session Var trigger action that lets you set it, where the source could be a dynamic global keyword.

Would a trigger solution like that work?