OAuth2 2-legged token auth

(Joshua Pauline) #1

Matrix Version: v5.5.1.7

I am trying to integrate the Microsoft Graph API with Squiz on one of my pages and grab cell data from an excel spreadsheet on OneDrive.

I have set up a 2-legged OAuth asset with the required details and when I call that asset from the REST resource asset I get the following error message.

“Matrix Error: There is no Access Token in the Response”

Could anyone help me make sure I am setting everything up correctly?

(Bart Banda) #2

Sure, can try. Can you share your configuration details of your OAuth asset?


Hi Bart,

Thanks for the reply.

Our OAuth asset details are attached below.


(Joshua Pauline) #5

Hi Bart,

Please refer to the settings on Ariana’s Images


(Bart Banda) #6

Hey guys, sorry for the late reply.
Nothing obvious stands out from that, but based on hte ““Matrix Error: There is no Access Token in the Response”” error message, you might want to double check that the access token from the API really is passed through via the access_token parameter, or that it’s even there in the response?
You could check that by previewing the token asset on the frontend and viewing the network tab to see what the to and from (POST) requests are to the API to see what’s being sent.
Can you also share the API documentation from the MS Graph you are following to set this up?