Online quiz - keyword replacement for supplementary content

(Widhi) #1

Hi all,

I am wanting to display the supplementary content on the “Thank you” page (Thank You Bodycopy).

I tried “%result__response_supplement%” but it won’t display anything.

What keyword replacement(s) should I use to display the supplementary content?

Thank you in advance.

(Jsisk) #2

Hi there,

The keyword replacement that you need is: %result_<questionid>_response_supplement%
(where <questionid> is the asset ID of the question)

You should be able to see the list of available keywords from the – insert keyword – dropdown on the Content Container.

For more information on ‘Online Quiz Keyword Replacements’, please check out the following manual page,

(Widhi) #3

Hi @jsisk

Yes I’ve checked out the online manual, and have tried the keyword replacement you mentioned.

My codes below in the Thank You Bodycopy page:

Correct answer: 
%result_1022515_correct_answer_text%  <br>

The above codes display the correct answer text but not the supplementary content (it’s blank, and I added some supplementary text for the correct answer - see the screenshots below).


Did I miss anything?


It appears that the supplement appears for the option the user selected. To provide the reasoning behind the correct answer when someone answers incorrectly, I presume you’d put it in all of the incorrect answers’ supplemental text.

(Jsisk) #5

Ah, I think I know what is going on.
The supplement that gets displayed from the keyword will be from the option that is selected, not from the Correct answer option.

There is this note on the Details screen of the question assets:

|Note: Supplementary content related to a Question Option (specified above) can be provided in this section. This content is intended to provide further information related to a Question Option to be shown upon completion of the Quiz. This content can be printed in the “Thank You” bodycopy.|

If you enter supplement values for each option does something now appear on the Thank You page bodycopy on the front end?

(Widhi) #6

@bkelly Ah you are right, I got my logic wrong. I put it in all of the incorrect answers’ supplemental text and it appears on the frontend yay. Thank you for your insight.

(Widhi) #7

@jsisk Yes, I entered supplement text in all incorrect answer and now the text appears on the frontend. Thank you for looking into this.