Output metadata field as checkboxes on a front end

(Edinkin) #1

I have a metadata field setup as checkboxes on the backend multiples allowed, it is used to categorise assets.
I want to output the name of these checkboxes on the front end of the site.

I use asset listing to list assets to which these metadata applied and I want to output metadata options to use them as filters.

using metadata keywords I can output the value of the metadata field applied to the asset, but I need to output all of them.

I hope I made myself clear. I thought this would be simple, but the answer eludes me.

Similar to this https://www.aci.health.nsw.gov.au/resources/chronic-care/consumer-enablement/guide/resources where checkboxes are values of metadata.

(Harinder Singh) #2

Option1: You can hard code the filters manually. You will have more control on them.


  1. Have a new Filter Schema with Filter Checkboxes and apply it to a Standard Page.

  2. In your asset listing, you can use the following keyword to pull the metadata values from the standard page with paint layout applied

  3. Use SSJS in the paint layout to format your filters accordingly.

It is bit of work in the beginning but easy to manage the filter list from metadata screen.

(Edinkin) #3

Thanks for reply.

Sorry I am not following on option 2.
I already have metadata schema applied to assets under the asset listing and a particular field in the metadata has multiple values say:

cat1 = 1
cat2 = 2
cat3 = 3
cat4 = 4

I want to be able to printout all options 1 through 4 not only the ones that selected for particular asset.

I am not very confident with JS, for now just wanted to be able to print out all the values.

(John gill) #4

The information you’re after is only available in the attributes of the Metadata Select Field asset itself. If you’re > you can get at this with a combination of SSJS and %asset_data_attributes%.

The attribute is called select_options, so essentially you want to grab that with SSJS, loop over it and spit out a checkbox for each item.

Assuming the field asset is #795, and it’s set up such that the exported CSV of the options looks like


then the code you want is[1]

<script runat="server">
var options = %globals_asset_data_attributes:795^index:select_options^index:value%;
Object.keys(options).forEach(function(e,i) {
  print('<li><label><input type="checkbox" value="' + e + '"/> ' + options[e] + '</label></li>');

Will produce.


[1] you should probably so some extra escaping of values in there

(Harinder Singh) #5

“I already have metadata schema applied to assets under the asset listing and a particular field in the metadata has multiple values say:_”

You are using asset listing to list assets with metadata field has multiple values selected. Setting up filters is totally seperate implementation which you can include either at the landing/listing page or at “Page contents” bodycopy of asset listing.

Try to think and implement it separately from your asset listing.

John’s solution is also good.

(Edinkin) #6

Thank you both much appreciated. I will give it a go.

(Chris Horikx) #7

Excellent, thanks John

I did a reduce instead of a forEach :slight_smile: