Page will not clear when nested content updated - help!

(Charlotte Westney) #1

Matrix Version:

Hi Matrix fans,

I have a parent page, which nests in an asset listing. This lists child pages that are in folders under the main page. When the metadata for those child pages gets updated, I need the change to show on the parent page.

But my page just wont’ recache. If I view it at /_recache I can see the page. But when I view the page normally, I don’t see my changes.

I tried a root node specific cache customistaion, but it wont let me change the settings or the default seconds, it like I can’t edit the settings. I tried a trigger, but that didn’t work either.

We’ve just put 100s of signs up across our national park directing people to this page, for frequent updates this weekend. I am in total panic mode, because no one will see the updates!

All advice and ideas really welcome!

(John gill) #2

My basic checklist for something like this would be:

  1. Check pages aren’t being cached by browsers
  2. Check that the squidclient config in Matrix is correctly purging the Edge/MAC cache on _recache

If the site is, it appears to be instructing browsers to cache pages for 30 minutes

Cache-Control: max-age=1800, stale-if-error=2592000, public, no-cache="set-cookie", s-maxage=86400

That would explain why someone who has viewed the page previously isn’t seeing updates for up to 30 minutes. It’s surprising to see a Squiz hosted site serving a non-zero max-age for pages. Usually Squiz hosted sites are on Edge and prevent browser caching.

If it’s not browser cache, then maybe Matrix isn’t purging the right cache on _recache. That cache-control header looks like a site that is meant to be behind Squiz Edge, but the site doesn’t actually appear to be on Edge. There is definitely a HTTP cache in the loop, but it appears to be MAC not Edge.

X-Cache: HIT from

It might be worth getting them to check that the right cache is being purged on _recache.