Permissions issue on non-page assets using Import Assets from XML tool

(Chris Knowles) #1

Matrix Version:

I’m importing page assets along with their child assets such as images, PDF files and Word docs, using the Import Assets from XML tool.

Page assets are imported as expected. However, the child assets are not inheriting the permissions of the page but end up with a single write permission set to my user id. Permissions set explicitly in the XML file all fail on the import.

I’ve tried exporting and importing a single page and image which have the correct permissions but got the same result. This is regardless of set Self Contained Relations Only set to Yes or No.

Any ideas on how to get the image to either inherit the permissions of the parent page or let the permissions be set explicitly?

(Bart Banda) #2

Hey Chris, this may be a bug in that version of Matrix? You could alternatively use a trigger to set some permissions as the import job creates the assets?

(Chris Knowles) #3

Thanks Bart.

I’ll investigate the triggers option.