Personalisation framework - persona conditions

(TT) #1


We are using the new personalisation framework which looks really good.

One thing I wanted to know is if the persona conditions can have the option of a OR operator rather than just AND. (perhaps a optional select field for the persona)


for a ‘Undergraduate’ student, we would like it so that it sets them as that persona if:

  1. They come from a url with campaign=ug
  2. The metadata tracking most popular tag is ug.

But at the moment it seems we have to create two separate personas e.g. UG-campaign and UG-tracking as both conditions need to be true. This would be ok however it means our content editors have to select both each time and we expect that we will have to have two personas for each ‘persona’ to do the above.

Is this something that might be added on in a future upgrade?



Matrix Version:

(Bart Banda) #2

Hi Tim,
Thanks for the feedback. Unfortunately the PF in Matrix 5.5 doesn’t support this trait evaluation condition logic on a persona. It is something we are considering adding for Matrix 6 however later this year, so this is good validation that it’d be a good feature to add.