Personalisation framework

(TT) #1

Has anyone installed/used the personalisation framework from the squiz marketplace?

I have a quick question regarding using the personalisation with the geolocation. We have got squiz support to install the geo module on our edge server and I can see that is all working correctly testing it the web console.

However I can’t see anything in the documentation about setting it up in the tracking rules etc. I have had a guess with the two attached screen shots. Do they look correct to you?

The main things being:

  1. What goes in the gfield field? It says ‘field from geolocation data to track’ so I guessed it would be ‘’ , is that correct?
  2. In the screenshots attached I am trying to target any user that has anything other than ‘GB’ for the value, e.g. an ‘international’ visitor to the site.

Also we are looking into letting the user choose what their preference is. E.g. are you an undergraduate/postgraduate/international student and then once they have chosen what they are, we will have the personalisation tool change certain containers. Has anyone done this before?



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(Ben Freke) #2

Hi. is the documentation for setting up tracking, so it looks like you’ve got the right gfield. It might be worth following the testing instructions for the console to double check some settings though?

As for allowing the user to “select” a persona, that is possible (as outlined here: but I don’t have any examples of it being done that I can provide sorry.


(TT) #3

Thanks Ben.

I have managed to develop a quick tool to allow the user to choose their own persona from the front end.