Personalisation Tracking Browser Location

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It says the following in the personalisation manual:

Browsing location
What country is the user browsing the site from?
This tracking concept requires additional setup to work. Contact Squiz Support for assistance with setting this tracking concept for your site.

What sort of additional setup is required? is it purely in Matrix admin interface setup or additional module installed in Matrix?


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Just means that there is nothing pre-set or configured to get the users location from, as this can be done in a variety of ways and depends on what you have access to. For example in Squiz Edge we have the ability to use a module that tells you what country the user is from. There are loads of different options out there as well, some free and some subscription ones, some suggested in here:

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Hi Bart,

Thanks for getting back.
Is this module you have in Squiz Edge an asset built into Matrix?

I have had a look into the StackOverflow examples and have this is the method I have it already working using the browser based JS solution. However this is not very reliable therefore I’m more interested in server side solution OR a solution that would change the page context based on first load.

In one my previous threads I have this almost working with Trigger + Persona asset but it doesn’t work for the Homepage asset or any asset without the Page Variation functionality so more tests is required with latest version of Matrix.

I was just interested how this new Personalisation worked with tracking browser location and if I can hookup 3rd party IP service to determine the location of the user and serve the correct price.

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No, it’s just in Squiz Edge. I think it uses the free version of the maxmind geoip database:

I’d try and use a client-side solution to get the location so that it can be cacheable.