Placeholder text/help text to display in Asset Builder input field

(Stef) #1


Using an Asset Builder to create a new standard page.

My text input fields is a Squiz keyword reference to my meta data field.

Title:* Title cannot be changed once the page has been created%details-F_name%

I would like to display a help text in the input field.

How would I do that?

(Luke Wright) #2

Hi Stef,

I’m not sure there is a method inside Matrix to do this, because the fields themselves are the same as what is printed in the Admin Mode. It may be possible to target the field using JavaScript and add a placeholder attribute that way, but I’m not entirely sure.

(Bart Banda) #3

Try using a keyword modifier on the keyword to add new attributes, for example:

%details-F_name^replace:>: placeholder="Title">%