Placeholder Text Still Showing Despite Being Blank

(Lewis) #1

The placeholder text is still showing in my custom form, despite removing the text from the form field’s Details screen.

I’ve tried recaching, clearing the cache, separating the custom form so it isn’t nested and has its own design and I’ve even tried removing if from the cache mechanism altogether through the Cache Manager and still it shows the placeholder text.

I think the server side validation is using the placeholder text as the input, validating against it and passing it as a result.

I’ve even tried exporting the entire form and its nested shadow assets, creating a Standard Page (to try to force a different asset ID when I import it again) and importing it. It got assigned a different asset ID sure enough but STILL continues to produce placeholder text when there isn’t any!

Insane! @Bart - any ideas?

(Lewis) #2

Found the solution - I had values in the Default Value field in the field’s Details screen. Removing the content from there removed it from the form after a couple of refreshes.