Posting form submission responses to external server in JSON structure

(Tom Stringer) #1

We have a form asset that includes a single text field which has a submission action of “Call REST Resource”.

The REST Resource is configured to do a POST request to an external server and we want to include a structured JSON object in the body of the request that includes the user’s response: {"note_text":"response goes here"}

We’ve tried using standard keywords %response_xyz_q1% and globals keywords %globals_response_xyz_q1% but we can’t seem to get it to pick up the response text.

What are we missing?

(Hugh McMaster) #2

Have you tried accessing the value from the POST array directly?

For example: %globals_post^index:q101796\:q12%

(Tom Stringer) #3

Gnarr. Was using the wrong ID! Nothing like a bit of developer incompetence.

For the record, %response_xyz_q1% (with the right ID) works beautifully.