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(Brad Ingram) #1

Matrix Version:

Hi all,

I’ve been trying to come up with a solution to limit where users can create assets (images + docs mainly), and have stumbled across this tutorial which seems to no longer be a viable solution due to there no longer being a Fail trigger action:

Is there a new way to do this? Or what other ways have people come up with to manage this?


(Tyson Adams) #2

Hi Brad,

The name of that particular trigger action was updated in Matrix, and is now called Trigger Log Message.

You can find a bit more info about the change, and that trigger action, in the following links:

Release notes:

Trigger Action Manuals:



(Brad Ingram) #3

Thanks for the quick reply Tyson.

The Trigger Log Message has a note saying “Messages are only shown in the Admin ( /_admin ) interface and not in the Edit+ ( /_edit ).” Based on this, what would be the best way to notify a user who is in the Edit interface that the action has been blocked? I assume one way would be to set up an email to be sent, but are there any options for a quicker notification?


(Tyson Adams) #4

Not a worry at all.

The quickest way off the top of my head would be to also run the Redirect to URL ( trigger and take the user to some basic page asset with a message indicating that they are unable to create those assets. The downside to this strategy is that they are taken away from the _edit interface so that may not be suitable for you.

I imagine (and hope) someone else has a better solution for you.


(Jsisk) #5

Hi Brad,

You always have the option to create a custom Edit+ plugin.
For more information on ‘JavaScript Plugins’, please check out the following manual page,

Theres a few examples of them here that might give you an idea of how to achieve what you are after: -

Just be aware, a plugin might need to be re-implemented or not work at all after an upgrade.

Happy hunting