"Print" a finished decision tree


I have a decision tree and I’d like to get some sort of representation of the final version for the client.
Anyone know if it’s possible to get a printout or a csv or something?

(Bart Banda) #2

Are you after a printout of the whole possible tree structure? Or the dynamic one at the end of a decision tree decision process for the use to print out? Can you explain the use case a bit more?


Hey Bart
I’d like to be able to print the whole possible tree structure. We already have it set so the user can print the end result of a single path through the decision (shows their journey).
We’ve had this requested a couple of times where a client wants to review the content and possibly make changes and they’d like to be able to generate an existing view of the whole decision tree

(Bart Banda) #4

Right, gotcha. It’s not a supported feature out of the box, but you could maybe create this report/view by either asset listing the questions/answers from the decision tree, or use the %asset_data% keyword on the relevant decision tree assets to get the data and then print it on the frontend using JS?