Printing latest children on front-end issue

(Innes Zenati) #1

Matrix Version:6.34.0

Hey everyone, I have an issue with an asset that should be printing ‘latest children’ set in a metadata schema. For some reason, even after multiple troubleshooting ideas, recaches, cache manager updates etc and this is still not printing the details of the news items on our news page.

Any ideas?


(Nick Papadatos) #2

Can we have a tad more information on how / what is being used to list the assets?
What sort of asset is …/news?

Looks to me like a landing page?


(Innes Zenati) #3

Hi Nicky, thanks for coming back to me on this.

I have been able to fix this as an old metadata schema which should have been printing the latest children had been put under construction. Strangely when I check these metadata schemas and click ‘usage’ it doesn’t note down that its being used by the ‘news’ standard page. The way its been built is via keyword modifiers within a conditional layout paint layout.

Thanks again

(Nick Papadatos) #4

Ah yes, well done figuring it out :slight_smile: