Provide default bodycopy when creating a custom format


Hi there,

I want to know if there is a way to produce / generate a default bodycopy for a form that is normally used, and edit that manually instead of having to build one from scratch.

I have resolved the issues I was experiencing but for future reference it would be really handy.

When creating a form, a default layout and feel is created before using custom format.
Is there currently a way to get a copy of that default format when choosing to provide a custom format. Otherwise half the time spent creating a custom format is just getting to a normal presentable standard.

This would be really handy if not already present.

(Bart Banda) #2

Unfortunately not yet, but it is something we are planning to add next year.
Out of curiosity, what are the reasons for you needing to customise the default bodycopy?


For simple things like adding sub-heading in places that were not able to be produced through the default Matrix means.

I just resolved the issues by writing it out in full. Would be nice to have a default provided that we could change.

(Bart Banda) #4

If you are just customising the bodycopy of the form to add an additional heading before the form fields, you don’t need to hardcode each field manually, you can just use the %form_contents% keyword where you want the fields to appear.


Yeah that’s definitely possible but for this particular context, I was required to add custom tags between groups of form questions, and some questions and their headers. Just subtitles and such, wasn’t massive changes, but would be handy if there was a dynamic default to work from.