Quick search admin mode

(Rhys) #1


Quick search admin mode

One of our editors had an issue with admin quick search, it was not finding assets they knew existed

I can recreate the issue (same search term and result )

Quick search in admin mode only gives 15 results and doesn’t paginate the results

the example in the manuals shows paginated results (and more than 15 results )

was the quick search changed to be limited to be 15 results only, or is there a setting to change it back to the ‘full results’ version

I pretty much only search for asset ids so I haven’t noticed if it has changed

If we search for unique / low use terms we get correct results


(Byrne) #2

You can try looking at the indexing
Could be the asset type is excluded from the index,
or that the content you are searching is not yet in the index.

Review the doco, your settings and either wait for an index or re-index via the admin page.

(Rhys) #3

HI Andrew

Ill try re-indexing and see how it goes


(Rhys) #4

re-indexing did not fix the issue

pagination was removed in Admin Mode Quick Search

I still only get 15 results max

(Bart Banda) #5

Check the global preferences screen for this setting, it may be set to 15 (default is 50):

(Rhys) #6

Brilliant thanks Bart