Re-using assets using the linking screen of an asset

(Tim) #1

Matrix Version:

Hi all
1 asset exists in 2 different websites, using the linking screen/ feature of matrix. Therefore this 1 asset can be viewed via 2 URLs that have their respective branding.

Problem: the content of website A is hyper linking to the asset ID of this shared asset but website visitors are taken to the URL and branding of website B.

Question: Is there a way to fix this problem?

I know there are work arounds such as hard coding the hyperlink using the full URL or embedding content but I’m interested to know if there is a way to define which location when creating a hyperlink to an asset this exists in 2 location? This would be the most efficient way of keeping website visitors within the correct website and seeing the correct branding.
Thanks in advance

(David Schoen) #2

In general Matrix should be going to the “nearest” URL of that asset, so what you want should be the default (workarounds are usually to avoid getting the nearest URL).

Can you expand on the actual URLs involved and how the linking is done, maybe something obvious will pop out of that.

(Tim) #3

Hi David
thanks for your reply.
That answers my question.
In this example, the websites would use 2 different domain names so in theory they should not cross link into the other domain.
The last time I tried linking assets - I must have been using the same domain name which is why I had the problem.