Redirect Pages - time to live



I created and published a Redirect Page pointing to an internal Asset ID (a page) a couple of hours ago.

When i tested the redirect using the browser I’m logged in to Squiz with, it worked immediately, however, when I tested it in a couple of other browsers but both led me to the CMS log-in page.

I let a couple of hours pass before trying again but the browsers i test with are still leading to the CMS login page.

I expect that the redirect is working (because it works in the logged-in browser) but am wondering how long it takes for the redirect to work in the other browsers, and if it’s possible to speed up the time it takes to start redirecting.

Thanks for any tips,

(Edinkin) #2

I though I check just in case. Are you sure all appropriate permissions are set?


I read the instructions here; but there isn’t any mention of the permissions. Thanks for pointing that out, it’s working now, so most appreciative.

(Harinder Singh) #4

It should automatically inherit the permissions from the parent asset(s). You didn’t have to grant the permissions manually.

Check out the parent asset(s) and if the public read permissions aren’t granted then it is good to define at the parent(s) level. This way when you create new asset again it will inherit the right permissions.