(Ian Hirst) #1

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I am using the SOAP API webservice RegenerateMetadataAsset to update an asset’s metadata values to the front end after using SetAssetMetadata to set the value.

I found that when authenticating with a user who has write and admin permissions to the asset, I was getting the response:

Unable to set metadata for “Asset Name”, permission denied [SYS0030]

Doing a bit of troubleshooting, I’ve found that even when using no authentication, the webservice will use the Public User to take the locks on the metadata screen.

Presumably this is preventing the authenticated user from taking the locks and triggering the ‘permission denied’ response from the webservice.

Fortunately, the metadata values are updated to the front end as required.

The Public User only has read permission for the asset being updated.

Thought it was a bit odd, it’s not stopping me what I need to do but would prefer not to see a failed message come back when the webservice action has been successfully performed.

(Lucey Baggio) #2

Why are you needing to match the content of the post? That fields are available for the Asset Builder to print.