Remap Manager Duplicating Query Strings on Redirect

(Lewis) #1


We’re on version

I’ve just setup a Remap Rule in the Remap Manager, leaving the Preserve query string in remaps set to Yes.

The wildcard works fine but, when you add a query string, Squiz duplicates it (you get two copies) on the final URL.

For example:

Remap From: /desk[0-9]{3}/, Remap To: awebsite/hello-world, Preserve query string in remaps = Yes and, on the landing page, you get:, even though you’ve only entered ‘foo=123’ once in the original URL - !

Any ideas? Seems like a bug @Bart?

(Bart Banda) #2

Hi Lewis,
Yes this seems strange, and possibly a bug. I’ll forward this to the dev team to have a look to see if they can replicate or have any ideas.

(Gavin Jaynes) #3

Hi @lewis, I’ve tested this out on Matrix (latest) and I am unable to replicate the bug.

For this reason, we believe the bug has been fixed or perhaps something else is at play here.

We recommend upgrading to a newer version if possible. We are always fixing bugs and making the product more robust, the best way to benefit from this is by upgrading.