Reminder email for the incomplete submissions

(Tim) #1

**Matrix Version: [v5.5.0.2]

Hi All
I’m on v5.5.0.2.
I’ve set up a multi-step form. If I complete the entire form, an email is sent as expected to all intended recievers.
I’ve set up the form to Send Reminder Email After 1 minute.
If a person does not complete the form - no email is sent.
I’ve tried a number of options such as

  • partially completing the form when logged in and when not logged in
  • configuring the form to send the reminder to my own email address
    but no reminder email is ever received.
    Any ideas on this?

(Bart Banda) #2

What configuration do you have on that screen? Can you share that with us?
The emails should be sent via the cron, which is usually every 15 minutes, so they won’t get sent after a minute straight away. Also, how are you testing it? I assume you have the email field filled out on step 1 and then you go to step 2 and then save and exit the form?

(Tim) #3

Hi Bart
thanks for your reply.
It’s all sorted now
Problem was that I didn’t click save. I was just going to the next step