Remove links - Help


Good evening, I need some help with something that seems very straightforward, I guess I must have missed some steps.

I need setup a trigger to remove links,


User A is sitting within user group 1, when there is a link created for A to user group 2, the trigger will auto remove the link from user group 1.

I set as the following

Event - Link created
Conditions - asset is a user, the asset has a parent (user group 1), asset tree location is (user group 2)
Actions - Remove links - Rood node (user group 1), Link type any, Link value any, Linked asset type - User group, Directed linked to rood node (tick)

It does not seem working, did I do anything wrong?

I have tried to swap conditions (has a parent-user group 2, tree location is user group 1)
, or just use one condition, also not working.