Removing metadata field value for a bulk group of pages

(Alex Rule) #1

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Hi all,

I have tried using Squiz’s guides on triggers but to no avail.

I want to set the value of the highlighted field to 0, so that no asset is selected. I want to do this for multiple pages held in the same folder.

I cannot change the default value itself of this field, because for all other pages I need it to remain as is.

Would anyone be so kind as to explain, in very simple steps, how I can achieve this?

(John gill) #2

If you need to change it for all of the pages in a folder, and all of their child pages (if they have any), then you could edit the metadata on the folder asset, set the Right Column field to ‘0’ and select Cascade Value before saving. This would set the field on all the pages below the folder (but wouldn’t automatically set the field on any newly created pages later). Then you could edit the Folder metadata again, return it to default but leave Cascade Value unticked.

If the Page Settings Metadata Section is type restricted and not applied to Folder assets, it’s probably worth temporarily changing the type restriction to do the cascaded change.

If you only want to change some of the pages in the folder, or you don’t want to change the children’s child pages, then you’re probably out of luck. You could script it with the JS API, but for a one off task it’s unlikely to be worth it.

(Alex Rule) #3

Thanks John! That’s exactly what I needed :partying_face: