Rename 'Linking' screen

(Klye) #1

Does anyone else have issues with editors becoming confused about ‘Linking’ versus hyperlinking? Perhaps the concept would be clearer if the Edit+ Linking screen were named ‘Locations’, ‘Relations’ or similar?

(Charlotte Westney) #2

I’ve never understood why it is called Linking, and yes my editors get confused, and yes something like ‘locations’ would make a whole lot more sense. Yes. Just yes!

(Douglas (@finnatic at @waikato)) #3

I always groan internally when I need to explain ‘Squiz asset metadata’ not necessarily being ‘webpage metadata’.

‘Location & Children’ or ‘Location’ could make more sense for the Edit+ tab.

(Bart Banda) #4

Hi guys, thanks for this feedback, really useful.

The term “linking” dates back to the birth of Matrix, but I also struggle myself sometimes to explain that this is not necessarily “linking” to an asset using the WYSIWYG insert link tool (which actually also creates a NOTICE Link on the “Linking” screen).

The Linking screen effectively tells you the following information:

  • The parent assets this asset is located under
  • The direct child assets this asset has underneath it
  • The assets that have a “link” relationship TO this asset (NOTICE links)
  • The assets this asset has “link” relationship TO (NOTICE links)

As part of the planned improvements to the Linking screen, I’m definitely open to considering a name change of this screen, so these suggestions and ideas are great. Something we’ll def need to user test as well before we make the official change for, and perhaps it will only make sense to do for Matrix 6?

Here is also an old mockup of an idea of how to better structure the linking screen with an attempt to categorise the types of “links” better:


(Douglas (@finnatic at @waikato)) #5

And in a discussion in our webteam space just now, we discussed the conflict between the ‘thumbnail asset type’ and the ‘thumbnail relationship’ which /_admin shows