Reorganising a folder of linked assets

(Dave Oakley) #1

I’ve got a folder of pages and documents, with sub folders down about 3 levels. What I’d like to do is make a linked copy (add location) of this parent folder, preserving the asset IDs and all the child assets and folders etc.

Then I plan to restructure the linked (new location) copy (without affecting the live original set). Then once the new folder is all nicely reorganised I can make it public read, and the old one can be unlinked and it can disappear! however…

The problem I’ve found is that when I create the linked (added location) version from the parent folder the order and location of the child assets are all mirrored between the linked locations. Maybe this makes sense, but is there a way to create a link to preserve the IDs but allows for the restructure to happen without having to one by one link (add location) for each file and asset (there are a lot).

We may need a diagram? :smile: -)


(David Schoen) #2

No this isn’t possible.

The tree in Matrix is constructed from links between each individual asset. So any individual relationship you change between an asset and its parent is reflected in all locations that parent currently exists - recursively up the tree.

(Dave Oakley) #3

How good would it be if it were possible though Dave! Clients would love it!