Resolving npm peer dependency error along with "datastore" not a dxp command

(Scott Hall) #1

You may see the following after updating dxp tools or sub plugins and attempting to run a datastore command…

$ dxp datastore simulator list

npm ERR! peer dep missing: openapi-types@>=7, required by @apidevtools/swagger-parser@10.0.2
dxp: "datastore" is not a dxp command. See 'dxp --help'.

Run the following steps to resolve:

  1. rm -rf ~/.config/dxp
  2. npm uninstall -g @squiz/dxp-cli
  3. npm install -g @squiz/dxp-cli
  4. dxp plugin add @squiz/dxp-plugin-datastore

(Timothy Tran) #2

Thanks for sharing these commands Scott! Was having issues updating the DXP tools on my local.

(Scott Hall) #3

No worries, can be a bit of a gotcha… well aware of how frustrating it can be :slight_smile: