REST Resource and validation

(James) #1

[Squiz Matrix v5.4.3.1]
Hi, I can’t see the REST validation error from a form submission. For example if I use a submission action that calls an external REST API and it doesn’t get a 200 response code back I want to show that error on screen to users. According to the manual a message entered in the Custom Error Text field should be shown. The form does indeed stop being submitted so I think it’s capturing the error OK. I’m I missing a step? Thanks in advance.

(Bart Banda) #2

How are you printing this error on the frontend? Are you using the %form_errors% keyword? Or are you not customising the form layout at all?

(James) #3

Much appreciated that was it I hadn’t added %forms_errors% to the page contents bodycopy. :slight_smile: