RSS Feed Not Showing Output

(Lewis) #1

I’m using the RSS feed asset to try and create an RSS feed of our news articles but I’m getting a blank page when I preview it.

I believe I’ve configured everything ok but I’m not sure how the asset listing is supposed to be formatted (if at all) as the documentation is vague at that point.

I’ve tried change the MIME type of the asset listing to application/rss+xml but that didn’t make any difference.

Here’s a screenshot of our Build RSS feed screen:

(Harinder Singh) #2

I am guessing you didn’t apply the XML design on your assets.

<MySource_print id_name="__global__" var="content_type" content_type="text/xml" />
<?xml version="1.0" ?>
<MySource_AREA id_name="page_body" design_area="body" />

You can do the view source of your blank page to make sure it is generating the code or not.

(Lewis) #3

Thanks for your reply, @harinder.singh.

Yes, I’ve tried adding the content-type and page_body bits. TBH, I didn’t add the <?xml bit but I guess this would be added using the RSS asset, automatically?

I’ll give it another go when I get a chance and let you know.

(Harinder Singh) #4

You need to apply it via the designs screen. You can check it by using /_performance to find out which design is applied to the page.