RSS feed source not showing all data

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Hi all hoping to get some help.
We are trying to retrieve data from RSS at this address

In the browser data retrieved is like this:

<rss xmlns:dc="" version="2.0">
<title>Cases count Update today</title>
<description>Cases Count</description>
<title>Covid cases</title>
<pubDate>Mon, 23 Mar 2020 01:34:29 GMT</pubDate>

However Matrix RSS data source and XML data source only see Title, link and update date
|%ds__title%|Record Set Attribute : title|
|%ds__link%|Record Set Attribute : link|
|%ds__pubdate%|Record Set Attribute : pubdate|

Any help would be appreciated.

We are on version of Matrix

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Not sure if you have managed to get this working but out of the box RSS/XML feeds sometimes does not work therefore it requires mapping the xpath.

Here is a working file exported as .tar

The only problem I have is the XPATH does not seem to work properly in Matrix for picking up the parent/top level Title, Link and Description.

The following code doesn’t seem to work with Root Tag set to channel:

I have also tried explicitly like this:

Both attempts show only the following:

and somehow it merges the 2 titles together: