Run a trigger with command line

(Gjboyd7) #1

Is it possible to do this. We have an image variation trigger which we want to run on many thousands of image assets, but matrix just times out, and the process needs to be manually restarted again.

Is it possible to kick the trigger script off via command line and let that run all night?

(Bart Banda) #2

Not OOTB, I’m sure you could write a custom script to do it though that is based on the same code that the trigger variation runs.

How many images are we talking? Are they all under a single root node? If they are in separate folders, you could run it on a smaller set first and then the rest is smaller sets as well?

(Gjboyd7) #3

There are many folders of images, overall the trigger needs to batch run over thousands of images. They are in separate folders to group them as photo shoots. Some folders have 50-60 images at the most. Ran it against one folder and timed out a couple times, had to restart via hipo manager.

(Tbaatar) #4

I have done similar recently and ran a trigger to remove image variants and re-run again to create new variants.

There were about 200-250 images in total and everything worked fine for me. If you can batch run it 3-4 times it might work better?

(Bart Banda) #5

That should be fine for a batch trigger job to run. How big are the images and how many varieties are you creating for each trigger?

(Gjboyd7) #6

In this one area we have 447 folders of images, so was hoping just to kick it off and leave it to run without having to manually run it on each folder. There’s 2-3 variations being created in one trigger, the images are 1-3mb approx each. Maybe there’s an issue with resources on our server.

(Bart Banda) #7

Yea those are pretty big images for it to process. Is your system running on Squiz Server as well for the HIPO jobs?

(Gjboyd7) #8

yes, its all on same server.