SCSS Design Files not compiling


Matrix Version:

I am having a problem with some SCSS files compiling.

I have been putting them into css folders nested under the page they are relevant to. Most are compiling just fine, but then some don’t and the file is included directly in the SCSS format, which obviously doesn’t work as CSS.

I haven’t yet been able to see a pattern with when it works and when it doesn’t. I’m hoping there is a setting somewhere that says which folders the SCSS compiler should be watching.

Is it better practise to group them SCSS files together? Or at least link to them to a single watched folder? I find it much harder to work when related assets aren’t together.


And I found the problem: I was using @include when I was meant to be using @import to bring in my variables and the SCSS was breaking silently.

Will leave this here for anyone else who makes this silly mistake.