Select question type on custom form - no simple validation rules?

(Kerry Huang) #1

Matrix Version:


I am trying to set a ‘select’ question (a dropdown list) field on my custom form to be a ‘mandatory’ field only when a certain condition is met. But there is no ‘Simple validation rules’ section in the Detail screen for ‘select’ question type? There is only ‘Complex validation rules’ which is not what I want to use. Other question types (e.g. option list) have ‘Simple validation rules’ section in their Detail screen. Can you please help.


(John) #2

Hi I’m having the same problem. There are no simple validation rules option for a “select” form field. Any ideas @Bart?

(Bart Banda) #3

Yeah I think it’s because select fields don’t have the same “Required Entry?” functionality that other field types have, as it has the “Allow Empty Option To Be Selected?” option toggle instead.

You should be able to achieve the same outcome however with a complex validation rule, for example:

It all depends on what condition you want to use and what your “empty” / non-selected select value contains.

(John) #4

I found that ‘Use empty option’ interfered with my validation rules. I had to turn the empty option off and manually add “—Please Select—” as the first and default field in my select list question.