Send Email Trigger Action before status changed

(autjoe) #1

Matrix Version: 5.4.7
We are setting up a trigger to send an email whenever the assets were changed from live to archive.
Event: Before Status Changed
Conditions: Asset Status Being Changed To archived
Asset type: standard page.
Actions: Send Email Trigger Action,
The trigger works. However, when the asset has many children assets and the cascade status made, the recipient receives the emails for every children asset archived.
Is it possible to ignore the status change on children assets in this trigger? As a result, it only sends out the email when the status changed on the parent asset.

(David Schoen) #2

I don’t think so, you’ve already got a filter to standard page so you’re skipping any dependant children, but the way it runs the trigger action won’t be aware that there’s a bigger status change going on when it executes.

(Bart Banda) #3

As the asset ID of the current page you are editing should be in the POST request somewhere, you could maybe do a check where you only send the email if the POSTed asset ID is the same as the current asset the trigger is firing on?