Send to a friend (STAF) so that they can complete a multi-step form

(Tim) #1

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Hi all
I doubt this would be possible but I’ll ask anyway.
If person A is filling in a multi-step form but does not have all the info to complete it, would there be a way for them to enter the details of their friend, person B, so that an email would be sent to that friend to complete it. The email to person B would need to include a link and password back to the partially completed form.
I tried setting this up and there are 2 problems:

  1. the Send to a friend (STAF) functionality only initiates when the form is completely submitted
  2. the below keywords don’t get replaced with real data when placed into the STAF email
    %form_submission_password% - Password required to access the submission saved by the Public User.
    %return_to_form_url_current% - The URL that will return the user to the form, on the Current Page.
    %return_to_form_url_latest% -

If there is a way to set up the form to suit the use case - I’d love to hear it as I have not been able to think of anyway yet. Maybe with triggers but not sure how to get around problem 2.

(Bart Banda) #2

Maybe is you use the Save and Exit functionality on the form, which I think prompts you for an email address, which is where you could then fill out the email of person B, which would get the link with password email send to them?

(Tim) #3

Hi Bart
Good idea but I couldn’t get that to work
Doesn’t matter as it was a nice to have