Sending form responses directly to Salesforce database

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Hi there,

I am looking into having one of our custom forms send its responses directly to our Salesforce database. I have read some previous threads around using an ARRAY and REST APIs but I was under the impression I could simply change the id and name tags to those of what Salesforce has give me (see data below). Is it as simple as this or do I have to use the salesforce integration?

The code that we need to insert into the Webpage

<!-- ---------------------------------------------------------------------- -->

<!-- NOTE: Please add the following <META> element to your page <HEAD>. -->

<!-- If necessary, please modify the charset parameter to specify the -->

<!-- character set of your HTML page. -->

<!-- ---------------------------------------------------------------------- -->

<META HTTP-EQUIV="Content-type" CONTENT="text/html; charset=UTF-8">

<!-- ---------------------------------------------------------------------- -->

<!-- NOTE: Please add the following <FORM> element to your page. -->

<!-- ---------------------------------------------------------------------- -->

<form action="https://ros–" method="POST">

<input type=hidden name="orgid" value="00D1X0000008bYt">

<input type=hidden name="retURL" value="http://">

<!-- ---------------------------------------------------------------------- -->

<!-- NOTE: These fields are optional debugging elements. Please uncomment -->

<!-- these lines if you wish to test in debug mode. -->

<!-- <input type="hidden" name="debug" value=1> -->

<!-- <input type="hidden" name="debugEmail" -->

<!-- value=""> -->

<!-- ---------------------------------------------------------------------- -->

Where is the document registered?:<input id="00N1X000002NcSS" maxlength="30" name="00N1X000002NcSS" size="20" type="text" /><br>

Title Number:<input id="00N1X000002NcSX" maxlength="20" name="00N1X000002NcSX" size="20" type="text" /><br>

Plain copy of individual deed- £16 + VAT:<input id="00N1X000002NcSw" name="00N1X000002NcSw" type="checkbox" value="1" /><br>

Extract copy of individual deed - £30 +:<input id="00N1X000002NcbA" name="00N1X000002NcbA" type="checkbox" value="1" /><br>

Extract copy of title sheet - £30 + VAT:<input id="00N1X000002NcbZ" name="00N1X000002NcbZ" type="checkbox" value="1" /><br>

Deed type:<input id="00N1X000002Nck2" maxlength="50" name="00N1X000002Nck2" size="20" type="text" /><br>

Date of registration (optional):<span class="dateInput dateOnlyInput"><input id="00N1X000002Nck7" name="00N1X000002Nck7" size="12" type="text" /></span><br>

Granter name(s):<input id="00N1X000002NckC" maxlength="50" name="00N1X000002NckC" size="20" type="text" /><br>

Grantee name(s):<input id="00N1X000002NckH" maxlength="50" name="00N1X000002NckH" size="20" type="text" /><br>

Do you have a business account with RoS?:<input id="00N1X000002Ncbe" name="00N1X000002Ncbe" type="checkbox" value="1" /><br>

Full name:<input id="00N1X000001FgdQ" maxlength="100" name="00N1X000001FgdQ" size="20" type="text" /><br>

Email address:<input id="00N1X000001FgdV" maxlength="80" name="00N1X000001FgdV" size="20" type="text" /><br>

Telephone number (optional):<input id="00N1X000002Ncwi" maxlength="40" name="00N1X000002Ncwi" size="20" type="text" /><br>

FAS number:<input id="00N1X000002Ncx2" maxlength="10" name="00N1X000002Ncx2" size="20" type="text" /><br>

Your reference (optional):<input id="00N1X000002NcxC" maxlength="20" name="00N1X000002NcxC" size="20" type="text" /><br>

Additional comments (optional):<textarea id="00N1X000002NcxH" name="00N1X000002NcxH" rows="3" type="text" wrap="soft"></textarea><br>

I agree to pay the fees for this product:<input id="00N1X000002NcxM" name="00N1X000002NcxM" type="checkbox" value="1" /><br>

Company name (optional):<input id="00N1X000002NdTR" maxlength="100" name="00N1X000002NdTR" size="20" type="text" /><br>

Address Line 1:<textarea id="00N1X000001J8Ge" name="00N1X000001J8Ge" type="text" wrap="soft"></textarea><br>

Address Line 2:<textarea id="00N1X000001J8Gj" name="00N1X000001J8Gj" type="text" wrap="soft"></textarea><br>

Town / City:<textarea id="00N1X000001J8Go" name="00N1X000001J8Go" type="text" wrap="soft"></textarea><br>

Postcode:<textarea id="00N1X000001J8L1" name="00N1X000001J8L1" type="text" wrap="soft"></textarea><br>

<input type="submit" name="submit">


(Tbaatar) #2

Surely Salesforce has API endpoint for sending form data just like most CRM or email servicing platforms.

You can send form via REST from the custom form via the submission action or call the REST Resource asset and POST the form data from the thank you page.

(Innes Zenati) #3

Yeah I’m sure it does but not something we have discussed, I will bring this up with my colleague and get her thoughts.

Thanks for your reply and suggestion as it sounds like the submission action part would be the way to go. This isn’t something I’ve done before so I’ve done some reading on the manual but if anyone can offer help with setting this up it would be much appreciated.