Server-side comments

(Tim Davison) #1

This post has a few parts:


1> Is there anything in the pipeline for matrix to allow us to use 'server-side' comments in, for example,  page bodycopies?  I.e. comments that exist in the raw code but that are stripped out when the page is rendered.  Currently we have HTML comments, of course, but they are visible to end user if they view the source.  It's probably not useful in normal daily use, but when building custom forms or anything with some extra functionality it's usually useful to capture what I was doing and why for the next person.


2> This is the keyword replacement hack that I use when I want to describe or explain what some code in a bodycopy is doing without being in the rendered output.

This is my comment.
: ^trim%


(Farser) #2

You're in luck!


<!--@@ This won't make it to the front end. @@-->


Nice hack BTW  :)

(Farser) #3

Forgot to mention this has only been made available recently. You need to be on 5.1

(Tim Davison) #4

Aha - that would be our issue.  We're still on 4.12.


In the meantime I will keep hacking away.  :)