Setting metadata for alternate context in JS API


Hi all,

I am using the JS Api to set metadata for an asset that I create. When I set the metadata for the default context using the setMetadata function, there are no problems. I then try to change the context via the setContext method and then set the metadata for the alternate context. This returns as an error.

Is there something I am missing when trying to set metadata for an alternate context in the JS API?

Thanks in advance

(Bart Banda) #2

Can you share some more info?
What version of Matrix?
What’s the error?
What are the replication steps?


Hi Bart,

Sorry it took so long to reply. I managed to figure out that I needed to contextualise the asset first before setting metadata in that context but this has brought up its own separate problem. When I contextualise the asset’s attributes, this passes ok but when I try to contextualise the metadata, it fails.

I am using Matrix
Current error is [“Faied to contextualised metadata for asset #1412719 in context #1.”]
Steps: Create event asset, aquire locks, attempt to contextualise asset to context 1

(Bart Banda) #4

Hey Curtis, sounds like a very strange issue, not heard of that before. Might be a bug with your version, or a specific issue just in your system or just that asset, or maybe just that context? You might be best off sending a ticket into Squiz support to get some help from them to see if an implementer can’t log in and have a look for you.