Setting standard page metadata via content container template


Matrix version 5.4

Hi, I would like to set the metadata of a standard page via a content container template, using edit+ and simple edit layouts to enter the metadata values.

When I use simple edit layout in edit+ to modify the metadata it sets the metadata of the content container rather than the standard page (it’s parents parent - standard page>page contents>content container) itself.

Does anyone know of a way to do this?


(John gill) #2

Reasonably certain that’s not possible.

If you want an interface to edit the page Metadata that isn’t the standard Metadatas screen then it’s time to break out the JS API.


Hi John, that’s unfortunate, back to the drawing board!
Thanks for getting back to me.

(Bart Banda) #4

You could potentially do it via a trigger, where the trigger listens out for saves/updates to the content container, then targets the grand parent (the standard page) and sets a metadata value that way? But I’m curious to hear more about the underlying problem you are trying to solve (requirement)?

(Chris Horikx) #5

I can relate to this. I feel like this is the last piece of the puzzle before we can really have our own custom content assets.

I’ve run into this issue a few times, but most recently it was a listing of schools. The content for all schools had a particular structure perfect for a content container template, but they also needed to be searchable and filterable on the same data which would mean page metadata.

From an editing usability perspective it is more ideal to advise an editor to ‘edit the contents’ of an asset, rather than ‘edit the contents for these bits but for those bits edit the metadata’.

(Bart Banda) #6

The content and metadata of content containers should be possible if you are on or above:

Is your reason for wanting to do what you explained specifically related to search indexing DaveS?


Hi Bart, it’s to allow users to be able to edit specific metadata for social media or to use the metadata values to show “tiles” on the home page using asset listings. (hope that makes sense)

The site owner doesn’t want the users to have to use the “metadata” tab in Edit+ as it’s an extra click.
However, I’ve since talked him into using the metadata tab, as that gives them exactly what they want.