Setting up a donation as a product

(Adam Hopkins) #1

Matrix Version:

I’m very new to Squiz Matrix and am currently trying to find my way around it. The area I am having difficulty with is setting up donations. I have set up Donations as a product which can be assigned a price and added to the cart as you would a standard product. However it seems that in the current setup I’m working with, there is a delivery fee of £2.50 assigned to the checkout process. Is there any way for me to assign free delivery to this product (donation product)?

I’m struggling to get my head around the process and hoped someone may be able to offer some guidance. I’m happy to provide any further information if needed.

(Bart Banda) #2

I don’t think there is a way to assign delivery fees to products as “add ons”, you would have to include it in the product price.

Note that the ecommerce shop features in Matrix are deprecated as of version 6.0 and will be removed in the future, so I’d recommend using another tool for donation products, such as shopify or ecwid.

You could also alternatively just use an ecommerce form if you simply want to have a way for people to make donations without the use of products and a shopping cart.