Simple Edit Asset Builder Keywords Not Showing

(Lewis) #1

Not sure why but when I create an Asset Builder and set it to create Decision Tree Form Field - Select assets, the available keywords don’t show up on the Select Create Form Layout shadow asset.

I’ve set the asset types to create, the location to create them and ticked to use the Select Create Form Layout to layout the create form but when I preview it, the %details-F_style% field doesn’t show, for example.

Any ideas?

(Lewis) #2

Any ideas on this one, @Bart? I’ve tried again this morning, tinkering around and I’ve discovered that the keyword replacements work with things like Data Records as the assets to create but when you choose Decision Tree Form Field - Select, the fields don’t show. I’ve noticed this same behaviour with Decision Tree Form Field - Numeric too.

Here’s the [default] layout of the Decision Tree Form Field - Select Create Form Layout:

	<label>Asset Name: %details-F_name%</label> %commit_button_clean%

I can’t even get the %details-F_name% field to show.

I’m using v5.5.3.3.

(Bart Banda) #3

I have a feeling that asset type hasn’t been optimised to work with asset builders yet as they are typically only meant to be created via the Admin UI. I’d probably change tactic and perhaps use a JS API approach if you want to have a custom build experience for creating decision tree questions.

Curious to see if just using the whole details screen keyword works and renders the fields? (%details-%)

(Lewis) #4

Hi @bart! Thanks for the reply.

Yes, I want to give the content editor the ability to create decision tree questions and link them to one another, all via the custom frontend that the Asset Builder can provide - just makes it easier for them to manage, rather than logging in to Squiz Matrix or Edit+

Do you know if the issue I’ve described above has been addressed in later releases?


(Bart Banda) #5

Did some quick digging on this and seems like it’s a bug specifically for the Decision Tree Form Field - Select asset type. It’s in our backlog atm but with no estimation on when it’ll get fixed. Once it does however, it’ll go into the latest version of M5 and M6.

(Lewis) #6

Thanks @Bart. M5 and M6? Will that affect Squiz

(Bart Banda) #7

I’m not sure what you mean by “will this affect Squiz”, but what I meant by “M5” is that it will get fixed in the latest version of the Matrix 5.x series, which will most likely be

(Lewis) #8

Cheers @Bart. We must be due an upgrade soon.