Simple edit layout metadata description keyword

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We currently have this basic simple edit interface for most of our content container templates which is this:

<!-- Template Edit Layout Start: -->
<div id="tmp_id-%asset_assetid%" data-id="%asset_assetid%">
    <div class="tmp_metadata-wrapper">
<!-- Template Edit Layout End: -->

Is there anyway to pull out the description of each metadata field with a keyword? We have simple instructions in there that would be useful to have next to the input fields but I can’t get any keyword to work unless I manually code in each metadata field which would mean having a different simple edit template for each container template (using the %asset_data_metadata%)



Matrix Version:


The workaround for this was to use asset_data on the metadata fields:


Edit: nevermind I see now this doesn’t solve your problem. I am not aware of any other solution.

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Thanks and yeah it looks like I will just create new simple edit layouts if the templates require the description for each template.