SOAP integration/data lookup

(Pawel Masloch) #1


I have finished a lookup form which integrates SOAP’s request/response
and uses asset listing to display any returned data.

The assets linked up to a nested lookup form are all set to no-cache and data passed to the SOAP record source from the form is exactly as expected every time. So, at the first look it all seems and works spot on.

However, when run the form on multiple devices in very close proximity, the results’ page seems to pull and show the last but one search results regardless device used. So, I could see data response from previous search run in my PC’s browser on a mobile device of one of my colleagues… And, that makes it BIG no, no - the bottom line is the lookup integration renders useless, at this stage.

Please mind, it is a public facing, domestic waste dates look-up form which consists of fair bit of data returned. And we will expect heavy traffic and usage across the borough…

So, I guess my question is, has anyone had a similar issue and how it was overcame, in the end?

I’d very much appreciate any meaningful input that would point me in a right direction and/or help to solve the issue.

Thank you.
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