SOAP Operation not showing

(Lewis) #1

I’ve added the setMetadataSchema operation to our SOAP server, regenerated the WSDL and created and new Custom Form submission action for it however when I scroll to the SOAP Request Message section of the screen, only CreateAsset is listed in the dropdown.

I’ve tried recaching the form and the server, regenerating the WSDL and deleting and recreating the submission action but setMetadataSchema still doesn’t appear in the dropdown list.

Any ideas?

SOAP Server operations not updating
(Bart Banda) #2

Hey Lewis, can you add some more details on what you mean? Especially when you say “hen I scroll to the SOAP Request Message section of the screen”, what screen do you mean?

(Lewis) #3

Hi @Bart,

… this is on the Submission Actions screen of the Custom Form - towards the bottom.

The problem is when you add an operation to the SOAP Server, it doesn’t appear in the dropdown list of operations on the Submission Actions screen of the Custom Form. The dropdown list seems to be cached.

(Bart Banda) #4

Oh right, I’m actually havign some other issues with the SOAP installation on my instance so I can’t properly replicate this. I wonder if you can add some additional query parameters to the WSDL URL to bypass the cache, but also set the CACHE WSDL option to Never cache before you do that.

Another option is to try and do it via the Make SOAP Call trigger action instead to see if it works there?

(Lewis) #5

Morning @Bart,

Yeah, tried adding ‘v2, v3’ etc to the end of the WSDL in the SOAP Server asset and it did work but the dropdown box didn’t repopulate and, as I say, the operations didn’t update when I added new ones unless I changed the URL of the WSDL/refreshed the cache.

I’m really keen to deploy this (SOAP) into more things - there’s lots that could be automated in our organisation but I’m really wary of doing it because of ongoing cache issues. I’m cautious because I wonder what would happen if we set something high profile up, decide to try and add more operations and we’re struggling to get the changes reflected in the Submission Actions screen!?

I’ll try you Trigger suggestion when I get around to it though @Bart as I don’t think I gave that a whirl - seemed obvious to grab for the Submission Actions screen instead :slight_smile:

PS I did disable caching of the WSDL in the Submission Actions screen but it doesn’t seem to make much difference. I could be wrong. It’s all a bit confusing.

(Lewis) #6

Hi @Bart,

I’ve had reason to try this again today and here’s what I mean about the WSDL URLs not updating. I’ve just added a new operation, setAttributeValue, to the SOAP server, automatically changed the URL of the server to ‘v4’ to try and trick the cache but, on the Custom Form’s Submission Action screen, I’m getting this under the SOAP Options section of the Submission Actions screen:

… you can see that, despite the WSDL in the Connection Details section of the Submission Actions screen updating correctly (v4 at the end of the URL), this part remains unchanged. Therefore, I’m not able to use the new operation - the SOAP test returns ‘Not Found’.

I’ve tried recaching both the Custom Form and the SOAP Server assets but the SOAP Options section still hasn’t updated.

What is the workaround?

(Bart Banda) #7

Hmm, this is strange and I don’t know what could be causing it, or how to workaround it. Given it’s complex nature, I’d probably recommend raising a support ticket with Squiz support so they can have a look at it more closely.