Squiz is not comparing changes when on 'safe edit pending approval' and 'safe edit approved to go live'

(Beia) #1

Matrix Version:

When a page has workflow applied, the comparison between the live and edited version feature doesn’t work in the following statuses:

  • safe editing pending approval
  • safe edit approved to go live.

It works ok on safe edit status, we usually access this feature by:

  • on admin mode, by adding “?SQ_ACTION=diff” at the end of the page URL or click the “Show the differences between the live version and the edited version”
  • or on edit screen, by adding “_edit?SQ_ACTION=diff#mode=preview&show_diff=1” at the end of the URL or clicking the ‘compare to Live’ button.

Has anyone else encountered this?

(Bart Banda) #2

Hi Beia, I can’t replicate this in the latest version, so might be a bug in the version you are using or something specific with your instance.

Does it happen for all users or just some?

Does it happen for all pages or just some?

Does it happen without workflow as well or just with?

If you are stuck and are a Squiz client, you might be best off sending a support ticket in to get someone from Squiz to have a closer look.

(Beia) #3

Hi Bart, as far as I know it happens to everyone in our team and all pages.
It only happens when with workflow.
We’ll see if we can submit a support ticket for this.