Squiz Matrix 5.5 Released

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It is with great pleasure that we can finally announce that version 5.5 of Squiz Matrix has officially been released and is now available for installations and upgrades.

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Super excited to play around with this new version.
Out of interest how much and what sort of performance do you gain with PHP 7 vs 5 on similar spec server?

The new UI/UX improvements are nice.
I’m not sure about hiding the future status and hipo herder as it adds anothe click for very commonly used feature, and I hope the future status can be set without acquiring the asset lock like it is now.

Other then that great progresive improvement.

Still have my fingers crossed for a improved WYSIWYG editor in the near future.



…and you can once again download the stand-alone code without it coming bundled as part of the VirtualBox image - https://matrix.squiz.net/releases/vm - great to see this back :slight_smile:

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Usually the standalone DL was always a version behind but amazing to see available with this latest version.

Time to get the old Digital Ocean server spinning.