Squiz Matrix Admin Popups

(Douglas (@finnatic at @waikato)) #1

What does Squiz Matrix Admin need popups for? I’m seeing the reminders about popups being blocked a lot as I either use a different machine somewhere around campus or open an incognito window, go to _admin and then have to enable popups quickly.

By default browsers block them. Is any change planned around the current need for them?

(Nic Hubbard) #2

HIPO jobs run in a popup, as well as some of the old WYSIWYG editor plugins use popups.

(Bart Banda) #3

Yes. We are planning on replacing those. Probably not the classic WYSIWYG, but things like HIPOs and other windows.

(Douglas (@finnatic at @waikato)) #4

Any time frame for the replacement?

Or if nothing else, a replacement that doesn’t trigger popup blockers?

(Bart Banda) #5

It’ll be a staggered approach. So in 5.5 for example, some HIPOs are now iframes within the main frame, but appear as modals, they will eventually become fully ajax based in 6.0 as well.

The next step will be to do the same for things like Clone/Move/Link confirmation HIPOs that pop up, but that will be later this year, not time frame on that yet.