SSJS: Advice on how to go about getting asset data from grandchildren


Using the following to produce asset data from all items within a folder - which is great and working as expected. I am then continuing down the tree to also try and get asset data from the grandchildren, but at the moment only getting asset ID.

const children = %globals_asset_children:12345^json_decode^as_asset:asset_data%;
const grandChildren = %globals_asset_children:12345^as_asset:asset_children,asset_children%;

children.forEach(function(child, i) {
  return(' + child + ');
  if (grandChildren[i].length > 0) {
        grandChildren[i].forEach(function(grandChild) {
      return(' + grandChild + ');

const showResults = [...children, ...grandChildren];

print(JSON.stringify(showResults, null, 2));

I am wanting to take the assets returned from grandChildren and then use these to obtain the asset data, metadata, etc.

Something like:

const grandChildrenData = %globals_asset_children:["2222", "3333", "4444"]^json_decode^as_asset:asset_data%;

Where [“2222”, “3333”, “4444”] are actually the asset IDs returned from grandChildren.

Is there a way where you can retrieve the information back from Squiz, without having to create a new variable for every asset which contains children?

Thank you

(Bart Banda) #2

From pixelmedia: "Sorted using asset list. "