Status for individual component


Hi all
Last week one of the web contents manager has informed me that the one of the page component he has made under construction can be seen by public at front end which never happened before.
I always thought this would not work as to be able to hide it need to be done at page level.

then he showed me the way he has been doing before, where he is making an individual component up for review first then able to select under construction from there, then this individual component is in under construction status (blue) where the rest is still live (green), however this particular component can still be seen at the front end publicly.

any one has been experienced this before? this is very interesting.

I would usually just deny public access for the component instead.

thanks in advance

(Harinder Singh) #2

It seems like a bug to me. You can check with Squiz. They will replicate the behavior and confirm you. Or check their bugs report.

Work around: You can use conditional keywords to add extra layer in the component which will check your component’s metadata value. If active, then it will appear at the frontend.